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Frequently Asked Questions
How much are dog licenses and when do I have to renew it?
The cost is $ 10.00 for a spayed / neutered dog and $ 15.00 for a male / female dog.
Licenses are renewed YEARLY beginning January 1st and are due by April 15th.  

My dog never leaves the yard.  Does he/ she still have to be licensed?
Yes.  If your dog accidently gets loose or lost, a license tag is the fastest way for him / her to be returned to you.

What are the hours of operation?
Animal Control Officer Brenda Hamelin works Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 4 pm. She is also available for emergencies "after hours".  2 Deputies rotate, covering weekends and Holidays on an "on call" basis for emergencies.

What happens to the animals picked up by Animal Control?
State law requires any animal that is picked up be held for 7 days.  This enables the ACO to watch the animal to make sure it is not carring any diseases and allows the owner to report the animal missing.  If the animal is not claimed, the animal is placed into a Humane Society or Breed rescue.  We try and deal with all no kill shelters. Animal Control has been working with Purr-fect Cat Shelter for 18 years and they have taken in and placed over 1300 cats/ kittens for us.  They are a no kill shelter

What is considered an EMERGENCY?
An animal bite or attack, a domestic animal hit by a car where no owner is present, bats in living quarters of houses, a sick or injured wild animal, or if the reporting party is holding a stray dog.

My cat never goes outside.  Why does it need a rabies vaccine?
Even though the cat may never go outside there is a chance that an animal could get into your house, ie. a bat, squirrel, raccoon etc.  These animals CAN carry the rabies virus.  An unvaccinated cat or dog that is exposed to rabies will either have to be euthanized (at the State's urging) or be placed in a isolation quaratine for 3 months then a strict confinement quarantine for another 3 months.  Also, rabies vaccines are a mandatory State law for dogs, cats and ferrets over 12 weeks of age.

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